It’s always prettier… After Dark

after dark jewelry

After Dark Jewelry is the culmination of a life-long dream for Natasha: to develop an artistic business based on uplifting, inspiring and adorning the female form. Her goal throughout the creative process is to encourage women to be bold, daring, and utterly extraordinary — to embrace their own unique qualities, both inside and out. Natasha weaves a story within each miniature work of art, and hopes those who choose to wear her handiwork will feel the strength and love she infuses into every piece.

After Dark Jewelry is a tantalizing fusion of Byzantine, Renaissance, Dark Victorian and Vintage designed to unleash your inner siren! Our elaborate, lavish creations are individually hand-formed with the finest quality stones and materials.

We die for Kara’s Cupcakes…

Kara’s Cupcakes lovingly creates each batch of cupcakes by hand every day, using only the finest ingredients. All of our ingredients are sourced from local producers, and whenever possible they are organic and sustainable. We have close relationships with our vendors, and are able to support their artisan methods of production. Because we continue baking throughout the day, we are proud to offer cupcakes that have been baked within hours, if not minutes, for your enjoyment. We appreciate your business and thank you for supporting our vision of an artisan treat.

Kara’s Cupcakes has five locations around the Bay Area. Visit any of our locations for a sweet treat! @Karascupcakes