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obesityandspeed-logoShredded clothing is a trend that tends to pop up every once in a while. It’s never a craze, its never the absolute be all and end all, but it is constant. Ranging from Miley Cyrus to Kate Moss to the runway, you can spot your favorite celebs, starbucks in hand in any given magazine with a shredded up article of clothing. For the most part teeshirts are the big thing. I have come across several DIY sites and how to tutorials on the best techniques of how to get this look. Ex. Cut Out + Keep: Shredded T Shirt Recon. If you don’t feel like putting in the work however, you are in luck. Most of the time you can find shirts like this in stores like Diesel or Affliction. Obesity and Speed however, have the celebrity dollars on this trend. Pictured in multiple fashion magazines, the signature  Shreddy Tee has taken the streets by swarm.

Fan of the shreddy tee? Have you attempted to design your own? I would love to know! xo

Spotlight On Eric Daman

From Sex and the City to Gossip Girl, Eric Daman has positioned himself as one of the biggest style icons in this fashion generation. Also being one of my personal favorite stylists I decided to showcase his brilliant work in a mini blog post.

eric daman

Eric Daman Fall 2008 Revolve Style Guide

Even if you don’t watch Gossip Girl, chances are if you’re into fashion you know in a heartbeat if your style is more Blair or more Serena. Who’s the man behind these larger-than-life style influencers? Eric Daman, the show’s costume designer. – Syle Bakery

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You Know You Want It by Eric Damon – Excerpt

Daman, who has been tapped as the creative director for the mall chain Charlotte Russe, readily acknowledges that the “charge it, please and thank you very much” wealth of the “Gossip Girl” characters gives him a lot of leeway, but he remains focused on the mix, both on and off the set. In fact, it’s part of the motivation for his can-do style guide, “You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence.” After all, he says, “I don’t want to make kids feel badly about themselves because they can’t afford those clothes.” – T Magazine

you know you want it

Lushpunk – Irresistible cuteness and eternal darkness.

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LushPunk is jewelry inspired by everything from punk to kawaii fashions.

LP jewelry 1

I stumbled across this jewelry line during one of endless etsy browsing sessions. The first piece that drew me in was the mirror and bow necklace. Having a mild bow fetish, I was intrigued to investigate further.

LP jewelry 2

As I browsed the gallery I followed the natural progression of today’s social media chain, and made my way through the Lushpunk Facebook, Myspace and Twitter page, and ended up in the BigCartel shop. The pieces in the BigCartel shop (top image) were definitely the best ones I saw.

LP jewelry 3

Lushpunk Jewelry is part of the Etsy Darkside Team which is focused on shining some light onto the darker side of Etsy artists. Overall I would give it a super cute rating and recommend you take a look at the stuff! xo

Twitter . Facebook . Myspace . Etsy . BigCartel

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Rock on with Salvage Clothing


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Premium tees and hoodies by Salvage that are hand done, deconstructed and washed to death… sure to become your favorite. Salvage is known all over the world for its A class fabrication and fabric alteration techniques. Drawing inspiration from the art and lifestyle of the California underground culture is the hottest new trend and Salvage defines it with ease. Salvage’s signature use of bold contrasting graphics paired with the mixed, layered fabric detail, pigment washout and other unique treatments really make their clothing stand out. -dfo

Shop Salvage at DFOnline + RockAllAccess