Spotlight On: Johnny Cupcakes

johnny cupcakesCustomers like and appreciate the story and work ethic behind my brand. I started this as a joke from the trunk of my beat up ’89 Toyota Camry. A college drop out with a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, I never wasted my time going out and partying but instead focused only on brainstorming and sketching up my wacky ideas. I turned down investors and took countless risks like keeping my shirts out of chain stores. – Johnny Earle, Founder

LA bakery

The Beginning…

Earle says he initially started the Johnny Cupcakes brand “as a complete joke.” The clothing line has its origins back in 2000 when Earle worked at the Newbury Comics music shop in Braintree, Massachusetts. Each day, his co-workers would coin a new nickname for him: Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Pancakes, Johnny Cupcakes, Johnny Coffeecakes, etc.

In 2001, while ordering screen-printed shirts for the metalcore band he played in, (On Broken Wings) Earle ran off a few shirts designed with the “Johnny Cupcakes” nickname. Almost immediately, co-workers and store customers noticed the cupcakes-themed shirts whenever he wore them, and many inquired about how to purchase them. Sensing the demand, Earle started selling the shirts from the trunk of his car to local friends and acquaintances.

When On Broken Wings signed with a record label and began touring in 2002, Earle stuffed his suitcase full of Johnny Cupcakes shirts to sell at shows and give to other musicians on the bill. This helped expose his designs to new audiences across the country, and the brand began to develop a cult following. The following year, Earle quit the band to focus full-time on his fledgling business.

johnny cupcakes

In 2005, Earle opened the first Johnny Cupcakes store in his hometown of Hull after working with his father to convert it from a boat garage into a retail space. By this time, he had decided to keep his merchandise out of chain stores and sell it exclusively through his own shops. After a year of growing sales and popularity, he opened another Johnny Cupcakes boutique on Boston’s chic Newbury Street. The grand opening of the second location drew several hundred fans and the store recorded five-figure sales revenues on the first day alone.

make cupcakes stickerWanting to deliver a unique customer experience, Earle designed his stores with a classic bakery motif. The interior decor at Johnny Cupcakes boutiques features antique refrigerators, baking racks, a 1930’s dough mixer, (Boston location) a cast-iron wood-burning oven from the 1890’s, (also at the Boston location) and even hidden vanilla-scented air fresheners; items are usually displayed on baking trays and inside glass pastry cases. The stores’ prominent baking theme often confuses unfamiliar patrons who walk in thinking that they sell baked goods, not clothing. Earle says this tends to disappoint and even anger some passersby, though the shops do give out free cupcakes with purchases on occasion.

In 2008, a third Johnny Cupcakes store opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. To build the L.A. shop, Earle says he enlisted the help of an engineering firm that designed structures for the Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks to “bring my crazy ideas to life.” Similarly to the Boston location, the L.A. grand opening attracted hundreds of customers (including some who camped out for days beforehand) and saw the company’s most successful single-day sales figures.

In addition to the three retail locations, Johnny Cupcakes continues to sell items through its online store and a company “eBay Vault” which offers previously issued designs and exclusive items that were briefly or never available in its stores.Wiki

johnny shop

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Spotted: Lady in a red dress

leighton meester, oscar de la renta With the famous Avenue Montaigne was the backdrop Leighton Meester makes one of the most famous entrances in gossip girl history. Polished to perfection in an red Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010 organza pleated strapless gown with a rise and fall hem, she takes the stage to confront Chuck Bass once and for all… or so we hope. Season 4 has really brought the fashion seen in gossip girl to the next level. This dress, for example, is not the first or last Oscar de la Renta we will see. As episode 2 comes to a close, I could not bring myself to pick another outfit that would compare to this one. So for now, we leave it at this. Only time will tell when it comes to the Chuck and Blair saga but one thing is for sure, we still have a long way to go.

xoxo mallory

Get a re-cap of episode 2: Double Identity

Create your fall look with Kat Von D

kat von d

The Collection

Created by Kat Von D, tattoo artist, reality-TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, this edgy color collection exemplifies old-Hollywood glamour with an L.A. vibe. As her gorgeous face leads on, Kat is as masterful with makeup as she is with a tattoo gun. (She can throw on a full, flawless face of makeup in 15 minutes, flat. Now that’s on point.) Accordingly, her passion for makeup and self-expression is inked, so to speak, into every expert product she’s created. From pin-up perfection to rocker chic, this limited-edition lineup allows you to tap into your bad-girl side and unleash your inner artist. –Sephora

Create your own art

When Sephora first announced this collection, I was more than excited. I had spent years watching Kat Von D on Miami and LAink producing the most beautiful tattoos on herself and others. She always stood out to me as someone who used makeup as more than just a morning routine, she used it as an art. Her face is as much a canvas as is her clients body’s. Her collection with sephora is not only full of amazing colors and perfectly suited names, but it’s created a way that would make sense to an artist. Each palette allows you to move from color to color in a way that would flatter anyone who wears it.

Ready for fall

The two palette’s I chose – True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Ludwig and True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Adora will both carry you into fall with the support of a full force makeup team. Ludwig will give you a range of shimmery browns and tans, to olive and black, and Adora has an assortment of frosty whites and silvers; the other includes a range of sexy black and maroon shades. This spectrum of colors will be perfect for any outfit you choose this fall!

bronzerDon’t forget!

While you are in your local Sephora shopping this amazing collection, be sure to grab some Shady Bronzer to maintain your summer glow for a few more months!

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A review – Joseph Altuzarra

Joseph Altuzarra

NEW YORK, February 13, 2010

In an abrupt shift from last season’s dreamy seventies-inflected stenciled ponchos and shredded suede and point d’esprit apron dresses, Joseph Altuzarra sent out a fierce and fearless collection of structured tailoring, commanding outerwear, and seriously sexy dresses. Ironically, some designers have been moving in the opposite direction lately, and yet Altuzarra‘s counterintuitive move was completely convincing. Backstage he explained he wanted to explore the dichotomies between strength and fragility, modern reality and fairy tales. At the outset, it was hard to see where the fragility came in, so potent and imposing was the first model out in her jacket pieced together, in the au courant manner, from nubby wool, leather, and goat fur. A second glance, however, revealed that the seams at the back of the blazer’s arms were stitched roughly, like sutures.

The Edward Scissorhands motif continued throughout: Sometimes the stitches were taut, revealing just a flash of skin between the curving seams of a pair of narrow pants; other times, Altuzarra took a looser approach, as when knitting together the splices in a stretchy hourglass dress. Even the boots were slashed to reveal the ankle. Belts and buckles, meanwhile, provided another suggestive element. There were shades of S&M in a pencil skirt with straps holding its hip-high slits together. The blood red evening dresses flashing décolletage and thigh weren’t for the faint of heart, either.

This was just Altuzarra’s third collection, but the confidence of his technique and vision would suggest that his newcomer days are over.

Nicole Phelps

Spotted: Gossip Girl Fashion Style File


As we kick off season 4 of Gossip Girl I can hardly contain my excitement! The shoes, the dresses, the hats, the handbags… sigh. I am going to try my best to keep up with a style file for this season, taking a look at each weeks episodes and picking out the best outfits and pieces!

In this weeks episode Belles de Jour, we catch up with Serena and Blair on their summer adventure to Paris. Leave it to gossip girl to sum up the extent of french fashion in form of a text message. Both styles are quite different, yet each have a certain gossip girl flare to them.

blake livelySerena (Blake Lively) is gorgeous and tall aka the perfect mold for wide leg Suno pants. Going a bit more sophisticated this fall, her outfit is completed with neutral pieces to keep the focus on her stand out pants. SUNO is a New York based fashion label founded in 2008 by Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty.

leighton meester

Blair (Leighton Meester) on the other hand is looking absolutely adorable in a chic and colorful cherry and apple print Moschino Spring 2010 bubble hem dress. Paired with a light blue beret, this busy combination works fabulously with her loud accessories and even louder attitude.

Moschino Spring 2010

Stay tuned for more updates each week!

xoxo mallory

Vena Cava for Aqua: Exclusive Collection at Bloomingdales

vena cava

Designed by two former Parsons students, Sophie Buhi and Lisa Mayock, the collaboration of Vena Cava and Aqua, sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’sVena Cava for Aqua Collaboration   Live at Bloomingdales , is a quirky line filled with architectural- inspired streetwear.

Fun and feminine, Buhi and Mayock cite Vena Cava as stemming from flea market jaunts and a love for geometrical designs.  Fresh and fashion forward, with tons of styles that range from elegant to playful, this collaboration is buzz-worthy. – Fashion Hippo

bloomingdales logoIt was hard to get through this collection without adding every single piece to my “must have” list. With the extremely reasonable prices, and bloomingdales amazing bonus offers already in place I was able to narrow it down to my four favorite pieces.

vc tops

Vena Cava for Aqua Studded Tank, $108.00 and Ponte Coat, $198.00

My personal fashion sense tends to lead me in the direction of tops. I have always loved jackets, blouses and tanks, and around 70% of my closet consists of them. The most important thing to remember when picking out the right top is that the focus of your entire outfit should land on it. The worst thing you can do is pick out a great top, then add a pair of over the top pants to shift the focus in a different direction. Pick out your statement piece and stay true to it. Both of these items will effortlessly make any outfit look like you just walked off the runway.

vc dresses

Vena Cava for Aqua One-Shoulder Draped Mesh Dress, $178.00 and Colorblocked Silk Chiffon Dress, $158.00

Next we move onto these two amazing dresses. The VC designers have translated their signature construction style into two simple and chic dresses. The draped dress is one of the season’s most directional trends. Whether you belt Vena Cava for Aqua’s version over sheer tights and add glossy heels, wear on its own with layered bangles and pumps or layer over a turtleneck with lace-up booties, you’ll be stepping out in style come fall. And with a combo of colorblocking and silk chiffon it’s hard to go wrong. Step it up with opaque tights and glossy heels to complete your cocktails-ready look.

vc small dresses

To round off this review I just have to say again how excited I am to witness a collaboration like this. As much as I would love to shop the entire Vena Cava collection, this collection and price point are a bit more my speed. So while gearing up for fall make sure to stop in your local bloomies and peak at a few of these pieces. Your closet will thank you!

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Aged and Opulent Jewelry

Aged and Opulent Jewelry

Statement pieces have always been and will always be the easiest and most classic style to put together a great outfit. Any dress, top or jacket can instantly become something else by adding an eye catching necklace or pair of earrings. This Etsy shop encompasses what it means to be a statement piece of jewelry. Every single piece in here could be used to take an outfit from picnic in the park to Emmy’s red carpet.

Black Beauty Artisan Bracelet My favorite piece in this shop is the Black Beauty Artisan Bracelet. This artisan bracelet is sure to compliment any item you have in your fall and winter wardrobe. Art glass and lampwork beads in black and white, amber, golden brown, tortoise, hematite and mountain coral jade line the bracelet. Star shape, leaves, ruffles, swirled and dotted glass, there are many shapes and sizes with aurora borealis sparklers, rondels and crystal glass beads.

Whiting and Davis Luminescent Cameo Demi ParureAnother favorite of this wide collection of beautiful pieces is the Whiting and Davis Luminescent Cameo Demi Parure. The set is made of an onyx glass background with luminescent carved cameos is the theme for this Whiting and Davis cameo set. The silver tone plating has no visible wear and each earring is signed. The cameos luminesce when held to the light, beautifully carved with no chips or cracks.

Black Enamel Fringe Necklace One more piece to add to my collection of “I need this” is the Black Enamel Fringe Necklace. This adjustable vintage necklace has a gold tone chain measuring 16-1/2 inches long. The fringe in comprised of gold wash over brass teardrops with black enamel centers. The teardrops measure 3/8 wide and dangle 1 inch from the necklace. Fabulous vintage piece, in wonderful condition. Not signed but should be.

Overall, this is a shop full of inspirational and unique jewelry. It’s always nice to find something new and unlike things you have seen before. Make sure to check Aged and Opulet out, and I mean the whole shop. 14 pages of jewelry to drool over! xo

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