Jewelry Organization in 3 Easy Steps!

This blog post is dedicated to those individuals out there that are as obsessed with home organization as I am. I’m finding out as I get older how much my day depends on how organized I am. This may seem funny, but I’m totally serious! I can not count the numbers of mornings I have been running around the house with one heel on trying to find the right earrings and scarf… it’s a problem. When I was younger, I considered my floor a giant shelf and that is where everything… literally everything… lived and that’s just no so cute now a days.

I have always been a collector, and that definitely fueled my sudden urge to be super organized. Some people invest in cars, some in stocks, I personally invest in jewelry. I have been this way since I was five years old when I went on my first shopping spree in NYC, and have never looked back.  Over the years I have built up a pretty large collection and for the most part organized everything in random jewelry boxes and tacks on the wall. Well no more! I was inspired last month by a certain fashionista friend of mine to really go all out on jewelry organization and I wanted to share my experience with you.

jewelryStep 1: Divide and Conquer – When it comes to accessories, what’s the use of having a collection if you only rotate through a few select pieces? Well this is exactly what i was doing. I had a few necklaces, a ring or two and a pair of sunglasses always sitting on my dresser and those were the only things I would ever wear. Out of sight, out of mind right? I had this amazing collection sitting just feet away from me, and I never utilized it. So divide and conquer, take an inventory of what you have by separating all the pieces into your basic groups… rings, necklaces, bracelets etc. You might be shocked at how much you actually have and even find some pieces you had totally forgotten about.

Step 2: Designate a Jewelry Area – Now not all of us can have a room dedicated to our jewelry like Rachel Zoe, as much as I would wish that for all of us. I find that having one place that all your pieces live, will really help you to keep organized. On any random day (before my organization kick) you could walk through my apartment and find necklaces hanging on door knobs, rings scattered on any table top, sunglasses in every handbag… get the picture? Totally scattered. Giving your jewelry a home will get you in the habit of taking and returning your pieces to the same place.

Step 3: Get Creative! – Now I don’t know how many of you out there have ever walked into a store and just had an “omg” moment about a display, but I know I have had many. When I began my organization journey I thought back to all of my favorite stores and how they merchandised their products and a few things came to mind. Store owners are just regular people don’t forget that, and they buy their displays on the internet just like anybody else can! So that’s exactly what I did. I goggled ring displays, jewelry trays and jewelry holders until I found exactly what I was looking for. What would we do without Amazon, seriously?! Pictured below are a few of the items I began with:


I found all of these items on Google Shopping / Amazon for less than $50 total. Wholesale jewelry displays can be a wonderful thing, and I’m sure you could even find them cheaper than that. After that I just went to town. I ended up buying a sunglasses display, another bracelet display and some wall hangers for earrings and necklaces. For necklaces in general, I’m still searching for a better solution, but for now what I have works. I hope I have inspired you all to go home and start organizing! The pics below are just the beginning of what I have in store for my jewelry collection. I still have a few drawers filled with boxes for the special pieces, but those are the ones you just don’t need out in the open. Some day I’ll have a special room like RZ, but for now a girl can only dream…

jewelry collection and organization

jewelry organization


Check out some of these sites to get started!