Friday Favorites: StyleTribe, Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier and more!

TGIF everybody! Here is another group of my favorite finds from this past week. First off is a great new fashion website The Style Tribe. Their latest collection of amazing Chanel jewelry, a stunning pink dress and these insane grey shoes are the reason they are on the list.

The next thing is a the Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier from Pottery Barn. It would make a perfect piece for a living or dining room filled with light. Im a really big fan of this shade of metal, which gives a great highlight to the raindrop shaped crystals.

Next up is this super cute dress I came across on a routine walk through Macys. American Rag really nailed it with this Strapless Straight Empire Pleated Ombre Tiered A Line Mini. It has a great shape and very pretty color scheme. Throw on some bright coral pumps or contrast the grey with some shiny gold flats!

The last Friday Fav is a piece from my new Vegas go to spot, Sugar Factory! This Champagne Couture Pop is just one in their collection of many. They are everything a girl could ask for, sparkly, glittery, tasty and just plain cute!

I hope you all love my Friday Favorites and have a wonderful weekend! XOXO M.

San Tropez Tanning Essentails

With summertime in full swing I can not stress enough about how important skin care is. As much as we would all love to capture that glowing California tan, in the long run it can be a very dangerous desire. More than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually and the numbers are growing. No fun!

My solution? Skip the tanning beds and stop by your local Sephora for some St. Tropez Self Tanner! Throw away your pre-conceived notions about tanning solution, streaks and orange coloring until you give this a try. I had little faith in self tanner before trying this stuff out. I have the palest of pale skin and had always ended up with embarrassing streaks and orange knees in previous tanning experiences.

On a routine visit to my local Sephora I was sidetracked by a sales associate doing a little info session on the St. Tropez product line. I told her my fears about self tanner and she somehow convinced me into trying it out. I purchased the Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and the Everyday Gradual Tan Cream.

The results were amazing. After about a week I had a natural looking tan and it felt amazing! I continue to use sun screen on prolonged trips out of the house, and every 2-3 days will re-apply a new round of the mousse.There are several different products you can try out if you would prefer a different cream or spray. Shop for your St. Tropez products now!

XOXO Mallory

Etsy pick of the week: Lisa D. Jewelry

Hey Jewelry Lovers! If you aren’t already an Etsy fanatic, then allow me to introduce you to your new best friend! is an ecommerce website focused on handmade and vintage items. These items cover a huge range of products including art, photography, clothing, edibles, bath & beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks and best of all… tons of JEWELRY!

Each week I will pick our my favorite new Etsy find and share the info with you. I will also add reviews of the seller and items I purchase. To kick start our new Etsy Pick of the Week series we have Lisa D. Jewelry!

I have ordered several pieces of Jewelry from Lisa D including my latest purchase, the Gold Sideways Cross Necklace. She is a very creative artist and her Etsy Shop is filled with amazing accent pieces, delicates and gorgeous stones.  Gold is definitely one of the hottest trends this year and has replaced the staple of silver jewelry in the fashion world. She covers the best of the basics when it comes to gold and incorporates many other popular trends such as blush and nude colors. Shown below are three of my current favorites from her shop right now:

Lisa D. jewelry etsy

Starting from right to left -The Wishbone Necklace, The Blush Champagne Triple CZ Earrings and the CZ Sideways Cross and Matte Black Onyx Bracelet. The thing that really attracts me to these pieces are the fact that they will make such great accents to any outfit. Subtle, delicate and almost discrete yet super stylish and creative. Her use of real life inspirations shines through into her work as an artist. Overall I would highly recommend giving her shop a walk through!

Until next week XOXO Mallory

My Rose Gold Moment: The Queen Couture Watch

queen couture rose gold watchLast week in Las Vegas I was finally successful in spending more money on shopping than on food and alcohol. This is a pretty big feat for a 23 year old party girl if you ask me, but with the help of our friends at Juicy Couture the impossible became reality!

During a routine visit to the Form Shops at Caesars Palace I did not expect to have any extreme shopping moments. We had been in and out of Chanel, Gucci, D&G… you name it and we had seen it. Don’t get me wrong, the window displays and merchandising of the Vegas luxury stores are definitely a force to be reckoned with but I honestly was not overly impressed with any one thing. A fellow shopper and Vegas partner in crime suggested stopping at Juicy to see if we could find some big sun hats like the ones they had in the window. They did not have sun hats, but they had something else that I instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY had to have.

That day I had my first Rose Gold moment. The heavens opened up, champagne fell from the sky… you know how it goes. The Queen Couture Rose Gold Watch by Juicy Couture is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever laid my eyes on. I was almost scared to ask the price, but when the lovely sale associate told me it was made by Movado, I knew it would be worth it. Swarovski crystals, rose gold and a beautiful leather strap… an unbeatable combination!

Overall I am more than excited about my stunning Vegas find and can not wait to wear it out! Ill post some pics soon 🙂

XOXO Mallory

Dinner at Simon Las Vegas

simon las vegasLast weekend marked one of my most successful trips yet to Las Vegas. The more you visit Vegas, the more you realize that some of the best things to be found are far off the strip. I visited several favorites including Sugar Factory, Serendipity 3 and the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and tried some new things like Holly Madison’s Peep Show and Simon at Palms Place!

So far in my Vegas excursions I had not made it out to the Palms for any length of time. I had been in and out of the clubs and casino, but had never done the level of exploring like I did this past time. My Palms Place adventure started with an amazing dinner at Simon, celebrity chef Kerry Simon’s new poolside restaurant. And it ended with a whrilwind tour of the Palms Place clubs Moon, Ghost Bar, Rain and the Playboy Club. All were gorgeous, decorated to a tee and definitely shot to the top of my list for a great Friday night out!

Simon to say the least was one of the best meals I have had in Vegas so far. The atmosphere was amazing with an earth-friendly vibe, simple flavors and a striking modern design. Kerry Simon and business partner Elizabeth Blau worked with the infamous Rockwell group to construct the new space with sustainable materials such as bamboo, slate and stone. Overall it was warm, comfortable, chic and elegant all at the same time.

simon las vegas junk food platter I started out with a lovely Margarita Pizza appetizer, then moved on to a sensational pasta dish which was basic but one of the best I’ve ever had. The pasta was thick and the sauce was seasoned lightly and matched the overall dish perfectly. I also had to try a side of the signature Mac&Cheese which was with little surprise, absolutely to die for. I ended the meal with one of the most famous deserts in Vegas, the “Junk Food Platter.” The so called platter was filled with a hostess cupcake, pink snowball, several assorted cookies, chocolate caramel popcorn in a mini to go box, a mini sundae, rice krisipe treat and a giant puff of cotton candy! My picture unfortunately does not do it justice because it was immediately attacked upon arrival. Overall it was one of the most fun desserts I have had, and such a creative idea!

I would definitely recommend Simon to anybody in Vegas in search of a great lunch, happy hour or dinner spot. Being a poolside restaurant, there are many options when it comes to your visit and the bar is also impressive to say the least. My visit was completed by running into the one and only George Maloof in the hotel lobby! It turned out to be a great trip off the strip 🙂

XOXO Mallory

Style: From A to Zoe

style from a to zoe book amazon Rachel Zoe has been a fashion icon for many years now, but over the last several years she has really made the transition from celebrity stylist to top business woman in the fashion industry.

The reason I admire Rachel is not because she has the worlds most amazing wardrobe, or that she gets to style some of the most amazing celebrities in Hollywood or even that she travels the world on a non stop basis. The thing that stands out to me is that Rachel had no formal fashion training. She didn’t spend $80,ooo.00 on some FIDM degree and she didn’t have famous parents to get her foot into the fashion world, she did it all on her own.

Looking past all the criticism about her weight, lifestyle and work ethic, I believe that everyone can learn a thing or two about drive and passion from Rachel. Whenever I’m lacking the motivation to get excited about an upcoming project or need some inspiration to get me through the day, I can turn on the Rachel Zoe Project or simply flip open any page in her book Style: From A to Zoe.

rachel zoeI also truly appreciate everything I have learned about fashion and especially vintage clothing from watching the show or reading her book. If you had told me a year ago, the adrenaline and excitement I would feel from holding a piece of vintage Van Cleef Jewelry I would never have believed you. I was never interested in vintage clothing or jewelry, and now it is one of my biggest passions and I have her to thank for that.

Overall I would highly recommend this book for those of you who are interesting in not only fashion, but how to really build a wardrobe. It’s exciting to learn about a subject from somebody who has the passion and knowledge like Rachel does, take my word for it! You don’t need to be a RZ lover to love this book. Enjoy!

XOXO Mallory

Cupcake Vineyards and the Underdog Wine Bar

cupcake vineyard logoLast weekend I had the fun opportunity to attend the 30th Annual Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau Art & Wine Festival! It was held in a gigantic park which normally would have been amazing during this time of year, but due to the unprecedented amount of rain we have received, it was a bit on the muddier side. I tasted several amazing wines from Portugal, Chile, Spain and Monaco and even managed to find a local Kara’s Cupcake truck roaming around the park. Sounds like my kind of day!

cupcake vinyards red velvet wineThe most ironic part of the day however, was that my best wine discovery did not come from the festival! After we we’re done our mini tour through the wide world of wine, we made our way to my nearby aunt and uncles house for dinner. Upon arrival I was surprised with the cutest bottle of wine you ever did see… Cupcake Vineyards!

Cupcake Vineyards are located south of San Francisco in Monterey California. It is predicted that this area will become one of the newest most exciting viticultural opportunities in the coming years. International wine director for Underdog Wine Merchants and head winemaker for Cupcake Vineyards, native Australian Adam Richardson has been making wine professionally for more than a dozen years internationally. The wine is big, flavorful and there are many kinds to pick from including a killer Merlot and Malbec.

Tastings and tours are not available at the actual winery yet. Luckily just a few hours north back up towards San Francisco you can find the hottest new place to be, the Underdog Wine Bar! Here you can try dozens of different wines associated with the Underdog Merchants umbrella, including several Cupcake Wines. I have yet to visit this place, but it is definitely on my to do list for the near future!

Learn more about these two exciting companies:

Cupcake VineyardsFacebook & Twitter

Underdog Wine MerchantsFacebook & Twitter

XOXO Mallory