Friday Favorites: Blushtones for Fall 2011!

TGIF ladies and gents! This week was jam packed with new jewelry discoveries, trend samples and even a pop up trunk show. Throughout all of these fashion events I noticed one trend that really stood out above the rest. Blushtones are colors we have been seeing big time this year in clothing, accessories and especially jewelry. With shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars fueling fashion in the teen/early adult world, the blushtone trend looks like it’s here to say.


The first of 5 pieces I wanted to share with you today comes from the bane of my jewelry existence… literally. I discovered BaubleBar a few months ago and have not been able to stop buying! I purchase these gorgeous Pink Flower Chandelier Earrings last week and am so in love with them. The best part about them is no matter what hair color you have, they really stand out. You can dress them up or down and they are just a great piece for any occasion.

baublebar coral drop earrings

The second piece we have is this amazing piece from Send the Trend, one of my favorite Jewelry/fashion of the Month clubs. The Sasha Ivory Dancing Bracelet is a really detailed piece made with ivory and crystal jiggle Gemstones. The gold, pearl, crystal and white combo fits so nicely into our blushtone category and will serve as a great pop of color on tan skin or brighten up pale skin. Loves it!

send the trend jewelry

This next bracelet is another piece from the first Jewelry of the Month club I ever joined, and probably the most famous out there – Jewelmint. The Corsica Bracelet is a really classic piece and a great addition to any jewelry box. The gold-plated bracelet features milky white resin pyramids which we have been seeing a lot of lately in high end designer jewelry and is completed with a very chic box tab insert. Oh la laa talk about some french island flare!

jewelmint jewelry

Our next piece is a really trendy carnation-colored wrap bracelet edged in subtle gold from the only and only BaubleBar. The Think Pink Wrap Bracelet is a fun substitute for  some of these other classic styles and is a mixture of some amazing colors. The whole wrap trend has also become really popular in fashion over the past year, notably by the Chanel wrap watches and Alexander McQueen leather wrap bracelets.  This bracelet is another example of a piece that works so well with any skintone and will transition perfectly with your wardrobe season to season! baublebar pink bracelet

Lastly we have the Audrey Cluster Bracelet from Stella & Dot. This is a really fun piece if you are into baubles and chunky jewelry. The mix of brown, ivory and campaign with pearls and faceted stones is just stunning and is one of my personal favorite cocktail or garden party pieces. Talk about some great arm candy!

stella and dot bracelet

Ok ladies and gents that’s it for today roundup of blushtone jewelry. I hope you all love these pieces and have a great weekend!

XOXO Mallory

Trend Alert: Addicted to Statement Necklaces!

Hi everybody! I realize that I’ve been badly neglecting my blog these past few weeks, summertime is so busy! So I thought it would be fun today to share with you a newly revived addiction I have to Statement Necklaces. The best thing to me about statement necklaces is that you can just throw one one and not have to worry about wearing any other jewelry. These necklaces are designed to be the center of attention, and from my top 4 favorites below you can see why!

Let’s start with a new favorite, the Stella & Dot Marchesa Necklace. The Marchesa Necklace is brilliantly made and a perfect piece to spice up your best LBD or LWD. The antiqued cupchain is hand wrapped & woven around strands of turquoise beads. Turquoise and coral have definitely been shown as the hottest summer colors transitioning into fall colors so far. Get your Marchesa Necklace Here!

Next we have the Lexie Black Bead Necklace from one of my new favorite sites, Send the Trend. There is so much going on with this necklace, it is guaranteed to spice up any outfit! It is packed with layered black and grey beads, tonal metal accents and draped fringe.. oh la lahh! Get your Lexie Black Bead Necklace Here!

Next up is a really gorgeous piece that caught my eye on a recent trip to Bloomingdales. I was immediately blown away by the vibrant colors and sleek tear dropped shapes. I’m a big fan of tear drops so you can see why I love this piece! Get your Milly Vintage Teardrop Statement Necklace here, and use it to brighten up any outfit all year round!

Lastly is a really fun piece I recently discovered at Nordstrom, the Spring Street Design Group Multi Strand Ribbon Necklace. It’s got the most amazing color scheme going on with all of this years popular colors… cream, brass, white, pearl and peach. Out of all the 4 necklaces we’ve looked at, I think you could do the most with this one. Dress it up or dress it down… LBD or jeans and a blazer. Get your Multi Strand Ribbon Necklace Here!

And that’s it for my quick overview of some new favorite necklaces and a trend that I hope never dies! Until next time,

XOXO Mallory

Stella & Dot: Fall Collection Highlights!

I have to say that the new Fall 2011 Collection from Stella & Dot is by far my favorite one yet. It is full of amazing metals, edgy spikes and wire wraps, stunning colors and an overall eclectic feel that no one can resist. Below are some of my favorite pieces from this new collection and the highlighted trend appropriately titled – The Marchesa Story. Enjoy!

Get your Shop on Now!!

Overall, this collection to me is just really inspiring. Like I always say, some people invest in stock options but I invest in jewelry! I am excited to start wearing this collection every where I go and I hope you love it as much as I do. If you are interested in becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist or want to get a TON of free jewelry by holding a Trunk Show let me know!!! Click Here for more info or email me

XOXO Mallory

SYC LUV: A Bucky Bakes and Holly Madison Collaboration!

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I want to share with you a new clothing obsession of mine, the LA street wear company SYC LUV. SYC LUV is a the latest collaboration line by Holly Madison and Bucky Bakes, founder of parent company SYC FUK. I’ve ordered a few pieces now and the quality is really amazing. Each piece is custom made and shipped from LA. The thing I love most about this line is although a bit provocative in nature, I can throw on one of the tee’s and a blazer and totally make it work. The design below is one of my more recent purchases, see more SYC LUV here!

syc luv holly madison

A little about the brand: “SYC FUK stands for Street Youth Couture From Unwanted Kids. We design, market, and distribute high-end street wear centered on our core products using the brand name “SYC FUK” and are based out of Downtown, Los Angeles. All of our products are American-made using only the highest quality materials and fabrics and are known for our edgy, unique fit and styling details. Our products include Men and Women’s hoodies, tees, flannels, dresses and jackets/vests, made from denim, fleece, leather and other fabrics. Through multiple wholesale and retail channels, our expanding product line is targeted to fashion-conscious consumers.”

Update! Ive gotten quite a few comments and questions on this blog post so I wanted to show off a bit more of my SYC FCK wishlist and support! It’s one thing to dig a clothing company, it’s another thing to believe in what the company stands for. I absolutely believe in what this company is about and it’s really great to see such support. The pieces below are a few more that I ordered/want/will have soon enough!!

Let me just tell you about the hoodies…. uhhhhmazing. The first style shown here is the Robin Hoodie, which is super cute and a great every day hoodie. Second is… deep breaths… the SYC LUV Angel Fur Hoodie, this is like the ultimate hoodie and I would already own it if it weren’t $999.00, sad face…. a girl can dream right!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the post and the few updates I made. This is a really great company and like I said, I fully support their creative design and message. Follow them on Facebook for some great giveaway and sale info!

XOXO Mallory

Mallory’s Friday Fav’s: The BaubleBar, Bubble Lounge and Ice Tea Lemonade!

TGIF once again everybody! It’s been another crazy hectic week in Mallory land, but I still have some fun Friday Fav’s to share with you 🙂 First up is my new jewelry obsession The BaubleBar! Thanks to a very aesthetically pleasing Facebook Ad, I was lead to the BaubleBar page and then onto the website. I instantly fell in love with their collections and wide range of trends. After loading my shopping cart up with about 12 items, I decided to narrow it down to three pieces. I am very excited to get them and will report back when I get the goods!

Next on my list is a San Francisco landmark, The Bubble Lounge! I was lucky enough to spend my first night here with a group of amazing ladies for a Digitally Chic monthly meetup. The Bellini was to die for, the lighting was serene and the overall atmosphere was just beautiful. I would highly recommend the BL for your next girls night out in San Francisco, or NYC where the originally BL lives!

And lastly for this week’s Friday Fav’s is my absolute favorite summer Starbucks drink – the Passion Fruit Shaken Ice Tea Lemonade! The color looks as good as the drink itself tastes. This is a wonderful alternative to coffee in the afternoon and even if it’s not on your local Starbucks menu, they will make it for you 🙂

That’s it for this week ladies & gents. i hope you all have a great weekend!


Friday Fav: Great Summer Handbags under $300

TGIF Everybody! It’s been an extremely busy week but it’s so nice to finally get to Friday again. This week I wanted to share a few great summer handbags I found all under $300. It’s getting harder and harder to find decent designer bags in that price range so I wanted to help you out! Our first pick for today is the Hinge Slouchy Suede Hobo pictured in Pink Bark. This bag retails at your local Nordstrom for $198.00. It’s a great choice for your every day occasion. You have tons of room and the color is a great neutral, making it very easy to match to any outfit.

My next pick is the Kate Spade new york ‘cobble hill – medium serena’ leather hobo. Pictured below in black, it also comes in a fun Orange Sherbert and Palamino. This is a great work bag, as well as night out on the town bag. It’s a great size but also chic enough to dress up any outfit. Find it also at your local Nordstrom for $295.00.

Next we have another Kate Spade – the New York ‘Macdougal Alley – Thomas’ crossbody bag. One thing every girl should own is a good cross body bag. These can be crucial for daytime adventures such as fairs, music festivals and trips to Las Vegas and other places you’ll want your cash kept close. This super cute bag also comes in a great gold and black leather. Find it at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales for $195.00.

Next up is one of my favorite summer finds, the Ted Baker ‘Kayler’ Quilted Tote. Shown below in pink, this bright and colorful work of art also comes in a great blue, black, pale pink and white. Patent leather is just something that will never go out of style, and this bag just goes to show how creative you can get with a certain material. The shape and size are perfect for day trips, shopping excursions or really any occasion you can think of to show off a bright pink bag! Grab yours today for $200.00 at your local Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

Next up is a fun piece from Dooney & Bourke, the ‘Grommet’ Linen Shopper. Needless to say, the name of this bag speaks for itself! It’s perfect for shopping, hitting the pool and running all your day time errands. The classic white canvas with a pop of green makes this a classic New England summer style. Love it! Find yours today at Nordstrom for only $198.00.

Last but certainly not least, we wrap up with the Dooney & Bourke Zip Pocket Satchel. When I picked up this bag I was expecting to see a price tag saying double what it actually did. Shown below in Kelly the Satchel also comes in an amazing Hot Pink, Black and Yellow. Top handles are one of this summers hottest trends and having that extra shoulder strap is a dream come true for any occasion. Filled with great pockets and the cream and kelly color combo, you just can’t go wrong. Grab yours today for $228.00 at Nordstrom or Dooney & Bourke stores.

Overall I could go on for days talking about hand bags, but ill leave it at this. Summer is the best time of year to arm yourself with an array of gorgeous bags, so get to it! If you have more great bags under $300 i’d love to know! Leave a comment here on the blog or find me on Twitter 🙂

XOXO Mallory