My name is Mallory Mitchell, thanks for visiting my blog. I am a native Vermonter posted in San Francisco to learn, taste, photograph, see and feel everything in reach. I have many passions in life, mostly revolving around people and anything social. I have been through several marketing/pr/design internships and have now landed as the marketing manager for Strands Recommender in San Francisco.

In my spare time I do fashion blogging and assist in several jewelry design ventures. My interests include everything from traveling, networking, fashion and jewelry design, web and graphic design, social media and web 2.0 to writing, retail purchasing, marketing and pr. I value having a diverse background and am always ready for a new challenge!

If you enjoy this blog please feel free to check out my side project OMGbuymeTHIS a side project with my friend and fellow fashion blogger / social media and marketing guru Chelsea Pearl. Posts are snappy, brief, and to the point with the essentials, links and cost, and maybe an example of how you can incorporate the particular garment into your wardrobe.

I am also available for freelance marketing work. I love taking on new tasks and have worked with many different companies including software, tattoo shops, jewelry lines and more! Please e-mail me for more info.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it! xo


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