Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Lines

For a few decades now the phenomena of Celebrity Fashion Lines has been growing in popularity. It’s almost become a rite of passage for many Hollywood stars. Everybody from Madonna to Jay Z to Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne have made the transition from Celebrity to ‘Celebresigner.’ Many have succeeded, more have failed but a select few have really made the transition beautifully and season after season bring delight to the runway as well as the concert stadium. Below is my current list of 5 Best Celebrity Fashion Lines, enjoy!

Nicole Richie: House of Harlow 1960

The reason I fell in love with House of Harlow is because every season Nicole somehow finds a way to mesh current trends with a completely original twist. The first time I laid eyes on her jewelry collection, I was absolutely blown away. Her styles set the bar in the boho world, they also pave the way for new trends. She was able to take a dull, ‘been-there-done-that-trend’ like Tribal and turn it into one of the most desired looks on the planet. Her jewelry is versatile, which is a trait I really seek out. You can throw on a HOH ring with a baggy tee and jeans or your favorite LBD and it will work perfectly every time. I am a proud owner of dozens of HOH pieces and would not trade them in for the world! Shop House of Harlow Now!

Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson Collection

Now, this girl may not know her chicken from her tuna but let me tell you.. she knows her fashion! I am constantly pleased with the amazing basics and trends I see Jessica work into her collections each season. The best thing about Jessica as a designer is she makes body conscious clothing, and she is very aware of how her pieces will look on a wide range of women. Both me and my 120lb 5 foot 9 sister can wear her clothing perfectly, now that’s skill! Shop the JSCollection Now!

Victoria Beckham: VICTORIABECKHAM, dVb Style

Former Spice Girl VB has come a long way since her 4′ platform sketchers and liquid leather pants. After doing a line for Rock & Republic (VB Rocks) back in 2004 she decided to branch out and create her own line. After launching a denim and sunglasses she finally debuted a full collection during Fashion Week in 2008. VB makes my list because she is a fashion forward thinker but appreciates classic and vintage appeal. Her styles are far from trendy which is very refreshing and her eye for shape and attention to detail is extremely impressive. dVb can be summed up as beautiful, desirable and classy. Check out the latest collection here!

Gwen Stefani: L.A.M.B

Gwen Stefani makes my Top 5 list for several reasons. She is an incredibly talented designer, she is a visionary leader in the fashion and music world and no matter what she stays true to herself which in fashion is not always an easy task. L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby) is Gwen’s brain child and has taken the world by storm. Her designs are funky, creative and sometimes erratic but completely thought out and impeccably made. L.A.M.B is a juxtaposition of high fashion meets the grungy streets. It is rock and roll yet vintage, feminine yet masculine, it’s the perfect balance of style and inspiration. Check out this seasons L.A.M.B collection now!

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: Elizabeth and James

The Olsen twins have been a force to be reckoned with in fashion for many years now. From their high fashion line, The Row to their JCPenny line Olsenboye, to their new fashion of the month club StyleMint to a disastrous line with Walmart (and a few more) these two girls have created a real fashion empire. The collection that puts them on my list however is their affordable high fashion line Elizabeth and James, which was named after two of their siblings. This line is amazing. Every season it’s filled with beautiful basics, chic accessories and to die for silhouettes. It bridges the gap between designer and contemporary in a very unique way. Shop the latest Elizabeth and James Collection now!

And there you have it! There are hundreds of other celeb fashion lines out there, and hopefully in a few months ill be able to put together a new list for you all. If you want to see more from these collections, check out my Top 5 Celebrity Designers Facebook Album. Until then, enjoy!

XOXO Mallory

3 Ways to Wear your Favorite Black Blazer!

Welcome back ladies and gents! Today I’m going to go over 3 of my favorite ways to wear a basic black blazer. If you follow any of my fashion ventures, you probably already know how I feel about a good blazer. Every girl should have one, no matter where you work or what your style is! Shown below are my 3 looks using the Topshop Three Quarter Sleeve Blazer, which can be substituted for any blazer you have at home. Enjoy!

Look One – The Day Date! Going on dates during the day is one of the most common pastimes I can think of. Whether it’s lunch with co-workers, happy hour drinks with the girlfriends or brunch with the family, you can go casual with your blazer, some dark skinny jeans, a fun colorful top and your favorite pumps! For a list of pieces in this look check out my Day Date Polyvore Style Board.

polyvore style board office chic

Look Two: Office Chic! Up until a few years ago, blazers were strongly considered work wear only pieces. Thankfully we broke free from that trend and wear them all the time! Even at work you can spice up your blazer with a cute dress, big jewelry and some great pumps. To see the pieces used in Look #2 check out my Office Chic Polyvore Style Board!

Look Three: Date Night! A blazer can be the perfect substitute for a pea coat or leather jacket when you are trying to keep things stylish and classy. Shown here are two great looks you can throw together to incorporate fun evening wear with your blazer! To see all the pieces used check out my Date Night Polyvore Style Board.

I hope this gave you all some great blazer inspiration! Check back soon for more fun updates.

XOXO Mallory

Friday Fav: Plum’s the word..

Plum's the word..

Winter Kate loose blouse, $260
Raquel Allegra short sleeve shirt, €259
Marc by Marc Jacobs leather tote bag, $455
Bounkit amethyst earrings, $385
Gorjana wrap bracelet, $52
AG Adriano Goldschmied scarve, $40
Nailed It, $7 PANTONE SMART 19-3316X Color Swatch Card, Plum Perfect:…

Style Crush: Sutton Mercer – Get her Look for Less!

My name is Mallory and I’m addicted to girlie teen dramas… Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and the latest addition to my list – The Lying Game. This show seems to have it all, murder mystery, doppelganger/twin theme, high fashion and gorgeous boys. What else could you ask for?

Sutton Mercer (played by Alexandra Chando), main character in ABC Family’s The Lying Game is the perfect blend of fashion goddess Serena Van Der Woodsen and the good girl/bad girl vampire magnet Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce. And while Sutton may be extremely wealthy, you don’t have to max your credit cards to replicate her fashion sense!

Here are three signature Sutton looks you’ll see throughout the first season. Enjoy! Suttons Trendy Look: Merona for Target white knit sweater $23.00, Modcloth Fall of Victory Top $45.00, Juicy Couture Lace Linen shorts $54.00, Suidette Cross Front Wedges $30.00, ASOS Intricate pearl cocktail ring $11.00. Suttons Casual Look: Old Navy Cropped Double Breasted Blazer $29.50, TopShop Mustard Woven Front Vest $32.00, H&M Denim Jeans $23.00, Fox Lyrical Hobo Bag $45.00, Worthington Gold Circle Bib necklace $12.00. Suttons Formal/Glam Look: Black Rosette One Shoulder Dress By Dress Up Topshop $130.00, Evil Twin Black Lawless Skater Dress $90.00, Foley & Corinna Asymmetrical Silk Wrap Dress $153.00.

So as you can see from many of these price points, knowing what to splurge on and knowing what to save on is the way to an amazing wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed this rundown and stay tuned for more soon!

XOXO Mallory

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2011

Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week to identify the most directional colors, texture, contrast and color for fall 2011 – pairing menswear with feminine twists, warm prints with cool metals, incorporating both old and new influences, and creating an intriguing balance between colors – I thought this was a very interesting color rundown and wanted to share it with you!

PANTONE 14-0740
GOE 1-3-3

PANTONE 17-1547
GOE 21-1-2

PANTONE 18-2120
GOE 26-2-4

PANTONE 19-2820
GOE 35-1-6

PANTONE 16-0526
GOE 152-1-3

PANTONE 19-4914
Deep Teal
GOE 93-2-6

PANTONE 18-0930
Coffee Liqueúr
GOE 155-1-4

  PANTONE 16-1320
GOE 148-1-1

PANTONE 13-3805
Orchid Hush
GOE 51-4-1

PANTONE 15-4305
GOE 82-3-1

“Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Much like a painter’s masterpiece, there is a certain romance to this season’s palette.”

Some of my favorite colors & design inspirations are (left to right) Rebecca Taylor – Honeysuckle, Cynthia Steffe – Deep Teal and  VPL – Orchid Hush.


Im sure we will see a lot more where this came from and I hope you all walk away with a little fall inspiration. Pantone is the best – read more about their Fashion Color Report – Fall 2011!

XOXO Mallory

Style: From A to Zoe

style from a to zoe book amazon Rachel Zoe has been a fashion icon for many years now, but over the last several years she has really made the transition from celebrity stylist to top business woman in the fashion industry.

The reason I admire Rachel is not because she has the worlds most amazing wardrobe, or that she gets to style some of the most amazing celebrities in Hollywood or even that she travels the world on a non stop basis. The thing that stands out to me is that Rachel had no formal fashion training. She didn’t spend $80,ooo.00 on some FIDM degree and she didn’t have famous parents to get her foot into the fashion world, she did it all on her own.

Looking past all the criticism about her weight, lifestyle and work ethic, I believe that everyone can learn a thing or two about drive and passion from Rachel. Whenever I’m lacking the motivation to get excited about an upcoming project or need some inspiration to get me through the day, I can turn on the Rachel Zoe Project or simply flip open any page in her book Style: From A to Zoe.

rachel zoeI also truly appreciate everything I have learned about fashion and especially vintage clothing from watching the show or reading her book. If you had told me a year ago, the adrenaline and excitement I would feel from holding a piece of vintage Van Cleef Jewelry I would never have believed you. I was never interested in vintage clothing or jewelry, and now it is one of my biggest passions and I have her to thank for that.

Overall I would highly recommend this book for those of you who are interesting in not only fashion, but how to really build a wardrobe. It’s exciting to learn about a subject from somebody who has the passion and knowledge like Rachel does, take my word for it! You don’t need to be a RZ lover to love this book. Enjoy!

XOXO Mallory

Jewelry For The Next Generation – GUESS

I made a pit stop at the Guess Accessories Outlet this weekend in Gilroy, CA and was quite happy with what I found! It seems that they have finally let go of their “All American Dream” of huge gold bling and gawdy earrings, and have dawned their racks with gorgeous statement pieces that would compliment any fall style. With prices ranging from $12.00 to $36.oo I was really happy with the selection and range of styles they had to offer. These are just a few of the ones that caught my eye, and possibly landed in my shopping bag!jewelry Shop Guess Jewelry Now

Spotlight On: Johnny Cupcakes

johnny cupcakesCustomers like and appreciate the story and work ethic behind my brand. I started this as a joke from the trunk of my beat up ’89 Toyota Camry. A college drop out with a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, I never wasted my time going out and partying but instead focused only on brainstorming and sketching up my wacky ideas. I turned down investors and took countless risks like keeping my shirts out of chain stores. – Johnny Earle, Founder

LA bakery

The Beginning…

Earle says he initially started the Johnny Cupcakes brand “as a complete joke.” The clothing line has its origins back in 2000 when Earle worked at the Newbury Comics music shop in Braintree, Massachusetts. Each day, his co-workers would coin a new nickname for him: Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Pancakes, Johnny Cupcakes, Johnny Coffeecakes, etc.

In 2001, while ordering screen-printed shirts for the metalcore band he played in, (On Broken Wings) Earle ran off a few shirts designed with the “Johnny Cupcakes” nickname. Almost immediately, co-workers and store customers noticed the cupcakes-themed shirts whenever he wore them, and many inquired about how to purchase them. Sensing the demand, Earle started selling the shirts from the trunk of his car to local friends and acquaintances.

When On Broken Wings signed with a record label and began touring in 2002, Earle stuffed his suitcase full of Johnny Cupcakes shirts to sell at shows and give to other musicians on the bill. This helped expose his designs to new audiences across the country, and the brand began to develop a cult following. The following year, Earle quit the band to focus full-time on his fledgling business.

johnny cupcakes

In 2005, Earle opened the first Johnny Cupcakes store in his hometown of Hull after working with his father to convert it from a boat garage into a retail space. By this time, he had decided to keep his merchandise out of chain stores and sell it exclusively through his own shops. After a year of growing sales and popularity, he opened another Johnny Cupcakes boutique on Boston’s chic Newbury Street. The grand opening of the second location drew several hundred fans and the store recorded five-figure sales revenues on the first day alone.

make cupcakes stickerWanting to deliver a unique customer experience, Earle designed his stores with a classic bakery motif. The interior decor at Johnny Cupcakes boutiques features antique refrigerators, baking racks, a 1930’s dough mixer, (Boston location) a cast-iron wood-burning oven from the 1890’s, (also at the Boston location) and even hidden vanilla-scented air fresheners; items are usually displayed on baking trays and inside glass pastry cases. The stores’ prominent baking theme often confuses unfamiliar patrons who walk in thinking that they sell baked goods, not clothing. Earle says this tends to disappoint and even anger some passersby, though the shops do give out free cupcakes with purchases on occasion.

In 2008, a third Johnny Cupcakes store opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. To build the L.A. shop, Earle says he enlisted the help of an engineering firm that designed structures for the Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks to “bring my crazy ideas to life.” Similarly to the Boston location, the L.A. grand opening attracted hundreds of customers (including some who camped out for days beforehand) and saw the company’s most successful single-day sales figures.

In addition to the three retail locations, Johnny Cupcakes continues to sell items through its online store and a company “eBay Vault” which offers previously issued designs and exclusive items that were briefly or never available in its stores.Wiki

johnny shop

Shop Johnny Cupcakes Now!

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