The Art of Burlesque

burlesque imageIt started in 1800s theaters and music halls as the art of the tease… striptease! In the days when ankles were considered soft porn, striptease involved a flash of a jeweled stocking, gorgeous corsets, decadence, and *gasp* possibly the glimpse of a thigh. But it also involved imagination. Dance and comedy was important, and – as any modern-day burlesquer will tell you – the attitude is as important as the glamor and extravagance.

Speaking of which, allow me to redefine glamor: Forget the playboy bunnies, burlesque glamor is all about being a lady, although a lady with a naughty side! Make-up and hair should always be immaculate, and one should stand with confidence, but not be afraid to stand out. Burlesque is all about elegance and what you leave on is easily as important as what you take off. This is the new glamor. – Burlesque Baby Blog

burlesque imageThere are hundreds of different looks you can adopt, but the essentials stay the same.

Red lipstick – Big vibrant reds, think of your lipstick like your favorite wine.

Eyeliner – Big, smoky eyes or cat-like shapes with flared out corners.

Sexy underwear – Stockings, suspenders – the works (think Britney a la Circus tour).

Heels – Time to walk the walk, the higher the better!

Nails – Painted, always. Reds, pinks, purples or black… anything will do with the right outfit.

Hair – Curls, waves, long or short… its all about how you shake it!

Need some make-up inspiration? Check out the Smashbox for Burlesque kit available exclusively at Nordstrom.

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