Jewelry Spotlight: Ashley Pittman

Ashley Pittman fell in love with the East African landscape and the people she met there while working for the Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative in Rwanda. It was here the idea for a jewelry line was born. She searched for many months for skilled artisans and the appropriate infrastructure to complete her vision of horned jewelry design and production

On a routine visit to ShopStyle I came across several pieces of jewelry that caught my eye. The funny little thing about these pieces is they were all made by the same person! Does that ever happen to you? I feel like that happens to me all the time. Naturally my curious nature kicked in and I had to know everything about Ashley Pittman and this new line of jewelry I had discovered!

The Ashley Pittman Collection reinterprets the power and simplicity expressed in the shapes and textures of centuries-old African jewelry. The collection features natural horn carved by a women’s cooperative, fair-trade semi-precious gemstones, bronze and other materials indigenous to East Africa. Bergdorf Goodman

Overall I am so glad to have discovered the amazing work of Ashley. Her designs are really unique and exciting. The Ashley Pittman Foundation donates 10% of all profits from the jewelry collection back to Kamboo. Check out Ashley featured on OMGbuymeTHIS’s 30 Day Fashion Challenge as well as on the MPress Facebook Page!

XOXO Mallory

30 Day Challenge: Five guys whom you find attractive

Today’s 30 Day Challenge post is all about the boys… So here they are, not in any particular order!

1. Robert Pattinson 2. Ryan Gosling.

3. Ian Somerhalder.

Garrett Hedlund and david boreanaz

4. Garrett Hedlund and 5. David Boreanaz.

Yum! Hope you all enjoy this eye candy filled post. Until next time,

XOXO Mallory

Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Lines

For a few decades now the phenomena of Celebrity Fashion Lines has been growing in popularity. It’s almost become a rite of passage for many Hollywood stars. Everybody from Madonna to Jay Z to Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne have made the transition from Celebrity to ‘Celebresigner.’ Many have succeeded, more have failed but a select few have really made the transition beautifully and season after season bring delight to the runway as well as the concert stadium. Below is my current list of 5 Best Celebrity Fashion Lines, enjoy!

Nicole Richie: House of Harlow 1960

The reason I fell in love with House of Harlow is because every season Nicole somehow finds a way to mesh current trends with a completely original twist. The first time I laid eyes on her jewelry collection, I was absolutely blown away. Her styles set the bar in the boho world, they also pave the way for new trends. She was able to take a dull, ‘been-there-done-that-trend’ like Tribal and turn it into one of the most desired looks on the planet. Her jewelry is versatile, which is a trait I really seek out. You can throw on a HOH ring with a baggy tee and jeans or your favorite LBD and it will work perfectly every time. I am a proud owner of dozens of HOH pieces and would not trade them in for the world! Shop House of Harlow Now!

Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson Collection

Now, this girl may not know her chicken from her tuna but let me tell you.. she knows her fashion! I am constantly pleased with the amazing basics and trends I see Jessica work into her collections each season. The best thing about Jessica as a designer is she makes body conscious clothing, and she is very aware of how her pieces will look on a wide range of women. Both me and my 120lb 5 foot 9 sister can wear her clothing perfectly, now that’s skill! Shop the JSCollection Now!

Victoria Beckham: VICTORIABECKHAM, dVb Style

Former Spice Girl VB has come a long way since her 4′ platform sketchers and liquid leather pants. After doing a line for Rock & Republic (VB Rocks) back in 2004 she decided to branch out and create her own line. After launching a denim and sunglasses she finally debuted a full collection during Fashion Week in 2008. VB makes my list because she is a fashion forward thinker but appreciates classic and vintage appeal. Her styles are far from trendy which is very refreshing and her eye for shape and attention to detail is extremely impressive. dVb can be summed up as beautiful, desirable and classy. Check out the latest collection here!

Gwen Stefani: L.A.M.B

Gwen Stefani makes my Top 5 list for several reasons. She is an incredibly talented designer, she is a visionary leader in the fashion and music world and no matter what she stays true to herself which in fashion is not always an easy task. L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby) is Gwen’s brain child and has taken the world by storm. Her designs are funky, creative and sometimes erratic but completely thought out and impeccably made. L.A.M.B is a juxtaposition of high fashion meets the grungy streets. It is rock and roll yet vintage, feminine yet masculine, it’s the perfect balance of style and inspiration. Check out this seasons L.A.M.B collection now!

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: Elizabeth and James

The Olsen twins have been a force to be reckoned with in fashion for many years now. From their high fashion line, The Row to their JCPenny line Olsenboye, to their new fashion of the month club StyleMint to a disastrous line with Walmart (and a few more) these two girls have created a real fashion empire. The collection that puts them on my list however is their affordable high fashion line Elizabeth and James, which was named after two of their siblings. This line is amazing. Every season it’s filled with beautiful basics, chic accessories and to die for silhouettes. It bridges the gap between designer and contemporary in a very unique way. Shop the latest Elizabeth and James Collection now!

And there you have it! There are hundreds of other celeb fashion lines out there, and hopefully in a few months ill be able to put together a new list for you all. If you want to see more from these collections, check out my Top 5 Celebrity Designers Facebook Album. Until then, enjoy!

XOXO Mallory

Jewelry Spotlight: Allsaints Spitalfields

A military palate, chunky chains and a signature vintage industrial aesthetic is Allsaints Spitalfields in a nutshell. This revolutionary British company has crossed the gaps between grunge, punk, boho and industrial inspired clothing and accessories and continues to bring new elements into each and every collection. Today I wanted to showcase some of my favorite jewelry pics from their Fall/Winter 2011 line, enjoy!

allsaints earrings

The Maya Earrings, drop earrings with a large glass diamond shaped detail. Shown in Brass they also come in Gunmetal. $65.00allsaints necklace

The Guinevere Necklace, chain mail necklace with tassel detail. Shown in Russian Gold, also comes in Black Ox. $120.00

allsaints ring

The Jacosta Ring, cast and oxidized signet ring set with peridot glass. Shown in Silver. $40.00

allsaints earrings

The Veneza Earrings, cut clear or amber coloured glass in cast cases, in brushed brass or dark silver finish. Shown in Silver/Amber, also comes in Brass/Onyx. $75.00

allsaints necklace

The Alivia Armour Necklace, frosted quartz disc necklace in a studded cast setting with leather detail. Shown in Brushed Gold/Quartz also comes in Gunmetal/Rose, $95.00.

I hope you enjoyed my picks! You can also check out more styles in my Allsaints Spitalfields Jewelry album on Facebook. Until next time…

XOXO Mallory

Day 10 and 11: Playlist Shuffle and My Family

Today marks Day 11 of my 30 Day Challenge, so exciting! Friday’s Day 10 post didn’t go out somehow, so I’ve included it in today’s post! Here we go:

Day 10 – Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play!

  1. Your Song – Elton John
  2. Kill the Drama – Spitalfield
  3. Finale – Les Miserables
  4. Defeatist – Somegirl
  5. Surprise Surprise – The Starting Line
  6. It’s Goin’ Down – Fort Minor
  7. Call Me – Bone Thugs n’ Harmony
  8. I’m no Angel – Allman Brothers Band
  9. Watch Out – Atmosphere
  10. Sailing On – Bad Brains

My Family

My family is the reason everything makes sense in this world. They are my support, my inspiration, my safety net, my teachers, my motivation and my best friends.